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Who is ZeKe?
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Owner of ZeKe's Drum Skool, Creator of "ZeKe Plays Drums" Youtube Channel, Performing Drummer for Solo Artist "Sam Girl" and 

Portland Hip-Hop Artist "Smokey Charles"

ZeKe Bauer is a Professional Drummer and Owner of ZeKe's Drum Skool in Corvallis, Oregon, and is currently the Performing Drummer for Portland Hip-Hop artist Smokey Charles. Together, ZeKe and Smokey have shared the stage with worldwide known artists such as Jay Electronica and Curren$y. ZeKe has taught over 4000 lessons to students of all different backgrounds and skill levels, and spends all of his time helping his students reach their goals, while also posting content on Youtube and Instagram. ZeKe uses an FX Pedalboard along with his drums to make backing tracks for the music and drum tracks he creates, giving him the ability to produce full songs with his drum kit. Videos of his playing can be seen on his Youtube Channel HERE.


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